The National Museum of Science and the Technology 'Leonardo da Vinci' is situated in the ancient frame of the former Olivetans monastery near the Basilica of S. Ambrogio, it is the place where it is possible to discover, to know and to experiment the fascinating way of the technical-scientific progress of mankind. The museum, one of the most important in matter in the world, offers in 40.000 squared meters of exposure a patrimony of 15,000 objects that space from computer science to the horologery, from the metallurgy to the telecommunications, from transportations to astronomy, with exceptional pieces like the Ebe sailing-ship of the1890, the Conte Biancamano transatlantic, the reconstruction of one railway station in liberty style with a lot of aged locomotives, the detector invented by Marconi and a gallery of models realized from the designs of the inventive genius for antonomasia: Leonardo da Vinci .