Workshop on Interactive Storytelling for Children

The workshop will be held on June 12 (full day). It aims at creating a friendly, constructive atmosphere in which the presentation of results and new concepts will be intertwined as much as possible with interactive discussions involving the whole audience.

As final contribution to the IDC community, the workshop participants will attempt to build together a research agenda, identifying which research questions appear to be interesting today, and which approaches seem more promising to pursue. The output of this exercise will provide a preliminary reference framework for interactive storytelling in relationship to children and can contribute to orient present and future activities of researchers, practitioners and PhD students in the field.

The short paper that presents the workshop provides an overview of the topics addressed by the selected presentations and outlines the main issues that we aim at focusing on during the discussion (Interactive storytelling.pdf).

The final schedule of the program can be downloaded here (Workshop program.pdf)

Please download here the papers selected for presentation:

Session 1. Interactive storytelling for education and learning

  • Quinn Burke, Yasmin Kafai: "Programming & Storytelling: Opportunities for Learning About Coding & Composition" (paper)
  • Nicoletta Di Blas, Luca Ferrari: "Kids Create Multimedia Stories at School. An “Authentic” Educational Value?" (paper - presentation slides)

Session 2. Interactive storytelling for children with special needs
  • Nikos Verigakis, Modestos Stavrakis, Jenny Darzentas: "Educational Interactive Storytelling for Narrative Comprehension and Recall in Dyslexic Children: Employing a Mythic Narrative Structure" (paper - presentation slides)
  • Luca Botturi, Chiara Bramani, Sara Corbino: "Stories, Drawings and Digital Storytelling: a Voice for Children with Special Education Needs" (paper - presentation slides)

Session 3. Social issues in interactive storytelling: from collaboration to civic awareness to critical thinking
  • Anne Weibert, Kai Schubert: "How the social structure of intercultural computer clubs fosters interactive storytelling" (paper)
  • Elisa Rubegni, Nitin Sawhney: "Supporting Cooperative Storytelling among Children: Experiences from Projects in Lugano and Jerusalem" (paper - presentation slides)
  • Christopher Ritter, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz: "A Critical Reflection on the Use of Storytelling and Game Technology to Motivate Children to Deal with Socio-Critical Issues" (paper)

Session 4. Thinking beyond the desktop
  • Anne Bationo Tillon, Françoise Decortis: "Using image in the narrative activity" (paper)
  • Haipeng Mi, Aleksander Krzywinski, Masanori Sugimoto, Weiqin Chen: "RoboStory: A Tabletop Mixed Reality Framework for Children’s Role Play Storytelling" (paper)
  • Jerry Alan Fails, Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha: "Interactive Storytelling: Interacting with People, Environment, and Technology" (paper - presentation slides)
  • Marjo Mäenpää, Taina Rajanti, Saija Mustaniemi: "Mobile storytelling - community, collaboration and context in different age-groups" (paper - presentation slides)