Recent projects

City4Age - 2015-ongoing
City4Age (C4A) is a H2020 project starting December 1, 2015 and lasting 30 months, whose objective is to enable Ambient Assisted Cities or Age-friendly Cities, where the urban communities of elderly people living in Smart Cities are provided with a range of ICT tools and services that - in a completely unobtrusive manner - will improve the early detection of risks related to cognitive impairments and frailty while they are at home or in the move within the city.

PoliCultura Expo Milano 2015 - 2014-ongoing
Competition for students (from all school grades, including pre-school) in collaboration with Expo 2015 S.p.A. The aim is to create a multimedia “narrative” about Expo Milano 2015 themes using the 1001stories tool. Supporting the competition, MOOCs about Digital Storytelling and Expo and Education.

Sala delle Asse Castello - 2013-ongoing
The project follows the restoration of the room at the first floor of the north-east great tower of Sforza Castle, also called Sala delle Asse. Leonardo Da Vinci performed the pictorial decoration of the room in 1498. HOC-LAB is involved in telling the restoration by a web site and Digital Storytelling. The multimedia stories offer a synthesis and an in-depth analysis of the most relevant themes. They are based on interviews to experts and restoration’s key players.

European Badge Alliance - 2015-ongoing
European Badge Alliance (EBA) is an Erasmus+ project starting September 1st, 2015 and lasting 24 months, aimed at fostering the use of digital badges which give visual representation of individual learning and achievements, in order to make formal, informal and non-formal education and training programs more attractive, and to foster employability of young people.

Queens of Italy - 2010-ongoing
With the support of Inner Wheel of Monza. A set of multimedia, multichannel “narratives” about four medieval queens: Theodelinda, Constance of Hauteville, Eleanor of Arborea, Matilda of Canossa.

PoliCultura - 2006-ongoing
National competition for students (from all school grades, including pre-school); the aim is to create a multimedia “narrative” using the 1001stories tool.

PoliLab - 2006-ongoing
PoliLab is an online repository of educational videos (lasting 2/3 minutes each) related to various areas (science, math, technology…). Each video goes with a rich set of educational materials including quizzes and a teacher’s and parents’ guide.

DOL (Diploma Online) - 2003-ongoing
DOL (Diploma On Line for experts in new Technology-enhanced didactics) is an online course for teachers from any school grade and field, which aims at giving an advanced training about new Technology-enhanced didactics.

An organic program by Politecnico di Milano for the schools, with the aim of promoting the use of ICT in education. PoliScuola is officially acknowledged by the Italian Ministry for Education.

An online repository of ICT-based learning objects and educational projects by Italian teachers of all school grades (taking part in the “Online Diploma”, DOL, by HOC).