What is a badge?

A digital badge is an online representation of an achievement, like for example a course, a project, a skill, etc. Each badge includes data concerning the issuer, the criteria for awarding and evidence of the achievement.

Any organization (a school/university, an educational or cultural institution, a company, a museum, etc.) which creates and issues a badge (issuer) also certifies the achievement. Who earns the badge (earner) can collect different badges from multiple issuers in a single backpack to be shared across the web, as for example on social networking profiles, job sites, personal websites and blogs, c.v., for employment, education, or lifelong learning. Any subject who verifies a badge (user) also decides which value it must be awarded.


The Mozilla Open Badges standard

Digital badges are based on an open technical standard, Mozilla Open Badges. Open Badges started as a collaborative project between MacArthur Foundation, HASTAC and Mozilla and has continued to grow through an open, collaborative approach.

For further information visit Mozilla OpenBadges at http://openbadges.org/


The PoliScuola Badges

HOC-LAB of Politecnico di Milano has undertaken the creation of a “badges ecosystem” and has launched the PoliScuola Badges for teachers and students who have taken part in any of HOC’s projects, courses or competitions in previous years and from now on.


Digital badges can make it easier to give recognition to your skills and achievements combining together formal, non-formal and informal education, vocational training, job and educational experiences, off and online.